Wondering how to clean granite countertops?

Holiday season is here! Most of us will spend a lot of time around our kitchen island and countertop, cooking, and preparing our festive dishes for family and friends.

Properly cleaning your granite countertops at least once a week is important as it preserves their integrity and shine while offering a more hygienic working and eating space. 

Now in holiday season you may consider cleaning it daily as you use it more often.

It takes just a few minutes for even large granite countertops to look clean and sparkle with HIMG® Surface Cleaners.

Surface Cleaners by HIMG® Surface Repair are eco-friendly daily cleaners, made of water and plant based material.

Cleaning a granite countertop is as simple as just wiping it down after spraying the area with our Granite-Marble cleaner.

Surface cleaners are complimentary maintenance products added to our Surface Repair family and are suitable for:

  • granite, marble,

  • porcelain and ceramic.

You can easily Remove surface stains from granite, marble, countertops and restore the appearance of your home surfaces.

Just be aware “Granite can scratch easily from an abrasive pad. It can also absorb oil stains easily, so it’s important to wipe them promptly.

 HIMG®  Surface Cleaners will clean-protect & make your countertop sparkle again.

Just remember

- Always use a cutting board to prevent scratches. Never cut directly on granite.

- Never place frozen items or hot pans from the oven directly on the granite. Instead, prevent thermal shock by using a protective mat or trivet.

- Wipe up spills as soon as possible.

- Clean and seal granite surfaces regularly.

- Avoid using bleach, ammonia, scouring pads and other harsh, abrasive or acidic cleaners.

Happy Cleaning!