Low cost ways to improve your rental property.

You can improve the look and feel of the building by making small, inexpensive enhancements. The time spent fixing something plus the cost of the materials can really cut into a budget if not properly considered.

Taking time to fix small things now means it’s less likely to need a big repair down the road.

Some cost effective ways can be the following.

-Replace old hardware and fixtures door handles to drawer pulls, shower curtain rings to toilet seats. Consider the handles in bathrooms and kitchens – do they look worn out and discolored?  Do toilet seats and seat covers have cracks or unidentified markings? When it comes to easy home improvements, old hardware replacement is a must.

-Change up your window treatments: new blinds or curtains can give your building a whole new look and feel. Shades keep your rooms darker and cooler which cuts down on energy costs in the summer. Blinds allow to adjust room light to their specifics but can be costlier to maintain and replace. Treatments can change the feel and look of a room just as much as a new paint job without the messy time and effort. Rather than worry about repainting a room, just take a moment to change the available light. One popular option today are fabric blinds, that will give an elegant uplift.

- Replace kitchen and bathroom faucets. Sometimes can be easier and cheaper to replace a faucet rather than try to get them clean. Old faucets can contribute to an outdated look, but a new faucet with a sleek design and modern finish can quickly help to bring a space into the current decade. Keep in mind it’s possible to replace just the faucets and handles without replacing the entire sink, but you’ll need to make sure your new faucet fits into the old unit! 

-Paint kitchen cabinets. Thanks to some advances in home improvement painting kitchen cabinets need not be the humongous job it used to be. Check out products like gel stains and oil bonds, which let you skip those two time consuming steps and move right onto the painting! You still have to clean the cabinets first, and doors must come off and drawers must come out. 

-Replace the doors, or paint them for a big improvement.

Restore old doors, If you don’t have the money to buy new ones, a fresh coat of paint will work wonders also.

-Restore any surface damages on your kitchen countertop, kitchen  islands as well as on your bathroom fixtures with HIMG® Light Cure Acrylic Surface Repair Kits. 

Do you have any chips, nicks and cracks on your kitchen / bathroom hard surfaces?  DIY Repair Kits by HIMG® surface repair are the time saving​, cost effective, eco-friendly ​solution for homeowners, property managers, and landlords for defects on hard surfaces, including granite, marble, enamel, porcelain, and other ceramics. 

Instead of the waste and costs of replacing an entire slab, sink, tile, or countertop, Light Cure Acrylics Repair kits can be used by anyone to restore damaged surfaces in minutes.  

They are available in a wide variety of colors and shades ranging from clear to black, greys, whites and browns.

Based ​in ​n​ano-acrylics​,​ non​-​toxic and waterproof formula,  are designed to be long lasting and color stable. Kits come with all repair materials, application tools, curing light, and finishing materials needed to make approximately 10 small repairs. 

The next time you spy a chip on your countertop, sink, or tile, don’t replace it - repair it with a DIY kit.

-Tile a small space like the entryway. Apartment entryways are generally small, and a little bit of nice-looking tile can go a long way when it comes to first impressions.  Consider hanging up some coat hooks if your units don’t already have them. Coat hooks are another bonus storage item that your tenants will use and appreciate! 

-Put the right plants in the lobby area

The right indoor plants can immediately improve the look of your lobby or any communal space in your building. Check out home and garden stores for plant sales – they happen more often than you might think. And it doesn’t matter if your space is low on natural light – there are plenty of natural plans that don't need immediate light exposure.

 Always remember that small improvements can make a big difference!