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Do I have to use the curing strip when repairing my damaged surface? 


What can I use is place of the curing strip?

The use of the provided curing strips when making repairs with the HIMG Surface Repair Kit is highly recommended. The curing strip helps prevent contaminants and dust from entering the repair material. It aids in spreading the material evenly within the damage, helps keep the top level of the repair flat (or curved depending on where the damage is) and leaves the cured product with a nice shine. 

If the curing strip in the kit is too small for the area you are repairing, or if you have multiple repair that you want to repair simultaneously, here is a solution can you try. 

You can create your own curing strip by sandwiching clear packing tape together, sticky side to sticky side, like in the image below.  You can use that in the same way that the smaller curing strip would be used in the repair instructions.

If you are a contractor that will be using multiple curing strips, you can also order additional strips here