Faulty LED Light? This is the Blog for You

Do you have a malfunctioning LED Light? LED Light won’t come on at all? Before you leave us a 1-star review telling us how horrible we are, please read this blog.

First things first, we want all of our customers to know that your satisfaction is our number one priority. Nothing saddens us more than reading a review of an unsatisfied customer, especially if we believe, which we usually do, that we could have somehow solved their problem for them.  

Our LED Lights are a crucial part of the repair process, so we understand how frustrating it is to be unable to complete a repair because of a faulty LED light. We want all of you reading to know that we test every LED Light for proper function upon assembly of our Repair Kits, but LED lights may be compressed during transit and that can result in a loss of battery power. Because we know this can happen, we will always send our customers replacements at no extra cost. We are here to make sure that customers can find help when needed and to ensure overall customer satisfaction. If you think you have a faulty LED Light, please contact us at salesteam@himgsurfacerepair.com or 760-683-9424 and check out the video below to see a weakened LED Light vs. Fully Charge LED. 

Don’t forget! Take advantage of our LED Light Stand, designed to work with the LED light. The stand allows for a hands-free repair while simultaneously magnifying the LED light with its reflective coating.