How to Repair a Granite Chip?

So, you want to know how to repair a granite chip, nick or break? Do it with our Surface Repair Kits! This blog is for typical damages like holes, nicks, chips, scratches, and gouges that you sometimes get in your granite surfaces. This guide applies to tables, countertops, bar tops, bathroom sinks, and any other type of granite surface.  Our Do It Yourself Light Cure Acrylic™ and Self Cure Acrylic™ Kits are ideal or those type of damages, but it should be noted that they can also be used on porcelain, ceramic, tiled and enameled surfaces. Today. . . we're going to focus on how easy it is to repair minor damages in granite.

Spotting a nick or chip on your granite can be common, but we also know that these type of minor damages can be frustrating. Before you call a professional, ask yourself, is this something that I can fix myself? Take a look at the photos below, if you have any damages similar to these, you can definitely "do it yourself" with our Surface Repair Kits.


Our Light Cure Acrylic™ and Self Cure Acrylic™ Kits can save you $$$ in repairs, and they are Non-Toxic, which is a super important detail to us. You can get our LCA™ kits in 4 different shades: Whites, Clear, Browns and Black and you can get our SCA™ in Clear, with more colors coming soon! We also have additional colors of LCA™ available in 2-gram individual Syringes

You can check out this sample video of a step by step granite repair with our LCA™ repair material. And be sure to send us any questions to





Photo Credit: Customers who have reached out for assistance, Thank you!