SCA™ Clear Adhesive Glue - New Product Alert

Do you have broken natural stone pieces or surfaces? Have you cracked a vase, broken a statue, chipped a countertop piece, or experienced any other type of damage like the ones below? Well look no further than our SCA™ (Self Cure Acrylic) - it’s a Clear Extra Strength Adhesive designed to seal and repair broken pieces for a variety of stone and acrylic materials.

“Self Cure” simply means the repair material cures/seals on its own in a matter of minutes, unlike our Light Cure Acrylic, which hardens from the power of LED light rays. Our SCA™ was originally designed for the sanitary manufacturing field and it's the complete repair solution for the restoring of previously unusable "cracked" or "disposable" sanitary ceramic and porcelain pieces.

Now we’ve taken that same technology and created a D.I.Y. Kit for the everyday consumer. We’ve expanded our product line to equip homeowners with a variety of products to keep their surfaces intact and damage free. Just like our LCA™, our SCA™ Clear Adhesive Glue is non- toxic and completely safe for food preparation areas. That makes it safe to use anywhere, including your kitchen and areas where your children play.

The great thing about our SCA™ Clear Adhesive Glue is that it is inexpensive and top of the line. So the next time you accidentally break a piece of your stone or acrylic surface, expensive contractors WILL NOT be the answer; don’t overpay for what you can do yourself, today!

Send pictures of your damage to and find out if our SCA™ Kit is right for you.

broken Statue beforeBroken statue after

Broken Vase Before                                               Broken Vase After

Broken Granite Slab Before                            Broken Granite Slab After