How to Repair a Scratch, Chip or Other Minor Defect in Porcelain Surfaces?

This piece is for typical damages like holes, nicks, chips, scratches, and gouges that you sometimes get in porcelain or ceramic fixtures. Our Do It Yourself products are known to work great with natural stones surfaces like granite, marble and quartz, but we want to shine the light on how effective they are on other surfaces types like porcelain and ceramic.

No matter how small the damage, we know the sight of it can be frustrating and the thought of calling a repair professional can be even more overwhelming. LCA™ White Tones can save you $100's, and at the same time, give you the results you need! Check out this video below of a porcelain surface being repaired with our LCA™ repair material.

The great thing about our White Tones LCA™ is that it comes in various shades of white, but in addition to that we offer even more shades of whites that are available in 2-gram individual Syringes. No matter the manufacturer of your porcelain pieces,  be it American Standard, Kohler, or Toto, you can repair with our LCA™.

So the next time you’re thinking, “What can I use to fix this darn nick in my sink?” or “What can I buy to repair a scratch in my tub?” search HIMG Surface Repair and browse our various White LCA™ products.