What's the HIMG® Surface Repair Pro-Kit?

Maintenance crews, property managers and other repair professionals, this one is for you. We've taken our DIY surface repair technology and maximized it to equip you with everything you'll need to become natural stone and acrylic Surface Repair Professional. If you manage an apartment, hotel, or housing complex, or if you are a contractor who'd like to expand your repair services to include surface repair, Our Surface Repair Professional Kit is perfect for you. 

HIMG Surface Repair Professional Granite Repair If you're unfamiliar with our original product, our DIY Surface Repair Kits, here is a bit of info. They are ideal for the "DIYourselfer" who needs to fix small surface damages like scratches, chips, nicks, gouges, and holes in granite, porcelain, tile, marble, corian, and other natural stone and acrylic surfaces. The LCA™ repair material is NOT an epoxy, it won't yellow or discolor over time and it's non – toxic and completely safe for food preparation areas. Our Surface Repair Kits are inexpensive and are available in Whites, Browns, Black and Clear.  Given all of this we thought, hey, professionals might want this on a larger scale to fix multiple damages for a piece of the cost.  

Our Pro-Kit includes 5 colors of your choice (Additional colors can always be added on). The color choices, as you can see below, are more extensive.  The Pro-Kit also includes 1 professional grade LED Curing Light, 50 micro-tips, 50 curing strips, one 2 oz. jar of polishing paste, 220 grit sand paper, 100 grit sand paper, and 2200 grit sand paper, 5 polishing cloths, 1 bottle of rubbing alcohol (domestic orders only) and instructions. Our Diamond Dust Polishing Wheels are available as an add on also.


With our Pro-Kit you'll be able to repair countertops, sinks, toilets, tables, vanities, wall and floor tile, as well as enameled surfaces and spas (material can be heated up to 285°) So if this sounds like what you've been looking for, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We'll let you know if the Pro-Kit is right for you and give you vital tips and tricks for successful repairs.