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HIMG® Light Cure Acrylic LCA™ Smart Mini Repair Kit


Introducing the HIMG® Light Cure Acrylic LCA™ Smart Mini Repair Kit

This kit includes all the same items of our best selling LCA™ Clear Kit, but does not include a LED light. Instead, you cure the repair with your smartphone using our Smart Surface Repair by HIMG App. The LED light timer will allow you to cure the repair material, when addressing small nicks and chips. The bright white light includes a wide range of wavelengths, including the one needed to cure our Light Cure Acrylic. 

Available only on HIMGsurfacerepair.com. Free first class shipping (USA ONLY), use code "SMARTMINIKIT"


Kit includes:

1g LCA Clear
Application Stick
Curing Strip
Micro tip
2 Sheets of 220 grit sandpaper
1 Sheet of 2000 grit wet sandpaper


Surface Repair by HIMG App available on Apple and Android devices. Search 
"Surface Repair".