Pro-Kit Add On- Diamond Dust Wheels

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Pro-Kit Add On - Diamond Dust Wheels (10)


The benefits of integrating the CeramiCure® Diamond Dust Polishing Wheel into the CeramiCure® by HIMG® LCAª repair process include:

  • Faster polishing process as the polishing wheel can be used immediately after sanding the repair patch with the 220 grit sandpaper
  • "High-gloss" shine of the repair patch blends better with the surrounding glaze
  • Increased shine and gloss of the repair area when CeramiCure® Diamond Dust Polishing Wheel is used in conjunction with the CeramiCure® Polishing Paste
  • Reduced overall repair time and costs


Diamond Dust Wheels are offered as an additonal add on to the Standard Pro-Kit for Professionals who already own the required drummel tool. 

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