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What surfaces can the HIMG® Surface Repair kits be used on?  

Our HIMG LCA™ Surface Repair Kits can repair nicks, chips, deep scratches and small holes in granite, cultured marble, acrylic, quartz, cast iron, corian, enamel, porcelain and other natural stone surfaces. Our SCA™ Surface Repair Kits work to mend broken pieces that are made of the same natural stone and acrylic materials. The HIMG Surface Repair Kits can be used to make repairs on counter tops, tables, wall and floor tiles, sinks, bathtubs, spas, toilets, vanities and more.

Where can I find sample repair videos?

You can click the Sample Repairs tab above or visit our Youtube page for our full video playlist. View Videos

What tips or tricks can I use to help with my repair?

Rubbing alcohol is a useful addition during the repair process. Sometimes a sticky or tacky layer can form after the curing process with the LCA™. If the layer does form, use rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth to gently wipe it away. After wiping, the surface should feel solid and smooth to the touch. Sometimes excess material can seep out when using the SCA Adhesive to mend pieces. Rubbing alcohol can be used to wipe the SCA™ away. Packing Tape can be useful for edge repairs, or to replace lost curing strips. Refer to the next question for more detailed use of the packing strip. Masking Tape is a cool tool for the sanding step of the repair. For more sensitive surface materials like quartz, masking tape can be used to section off the damaged area(s). The masking tape will act as a shield to the undamaged area and block unwanted sanding of those areas. With our SCA™, depending on the size of the piece that is being mended, or if there are multiple pieces within one project, it is important to note that the SCA™ (Self Cure Acrylic) will start to cure as soon as the two components are mixed within the tips. It takes about 2 minutes for the material to cool so be sure to have the pieces ready and to keep the material flowing in the tips until you are done with that repair to avoid the material from curing within the mixing tip. (Tips are one time use only)

Do I have to use the curing strip when repairing my damaged surface? 

The use of the provided curing strips when making repairs with the HIMG Surface Repair Kit is highly recommended. The curing strip helps prevent contaminants and dust from entering the repair material, aids in spreading the material evenly within the damage, and leaves the cured product with a nice shine. If the curing strip in the kit is too small for the area you are repairing, you can create your own by sandwiching clear packing tape together, sticky side to sticky side and using that in the same way that the smaller curing strip would be used in the repair instructions.





Returns & Refunds

We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.

 If you encounter any trouble with our Surface Repair Products, we are happy and available to assist you. We do request that you send us a photo of your damaged surface so we can make accurate recommendations. 

What is the shelf life of your products?

Generally speaking, the shelf life of our HIMG® LCA™ and SCA™ Repair Kit are 1 year. Our LCA™ products are light sensitive, so store them in a cool dark place like a drawer or cabinet. 

How does your product work?

Our DIY HIMG® Surface Repair kits utilize high-tech LCA™ (Light Cure Acrylic) technology, to cure with a specific spectrum of blue light. Once cured, it can withstand moisture, cleansers and heat up to a maximum of 285ºF. It is non-toxic and a safe alternative to epoxy. Our DIY kits have all the components to make quality repairs in a matter of minutes. The  SCA™ (Self Cure Acrylic) works by combining two separate components that form one strong bond when mixed together. The material is self cure and requires no LED light for hardening. 


What are the repair limitations of your products?

For best results, we recommend that repairs are limited to damages that are no larger than a nickel on the surface area for the LCA™. Since the repair materials are acrylic, we advise preventing exposure above 285ºF. 

What if my keychain light doesn't work

Just send us an email at and we'll pop a replacement in the mail for you. Sometimes they loose charge or get depressed in transit.

How many repairs can I get out of my HIMG® Surface Repair Kit?

We estimate that you can get approximately 10 small repairs out of one LCA™ kit. Preventing overfill during the repair process will save repair material and reduce the need for sanding. We suggest attempting to fill each damage approximately 105% full as this is enough material to fully repair the damage but not too much to cause a need for excessive sanding. Our SCA™ comes with two mixing tips which means there is a max of two separate repairs that can be completed with the material. 

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