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"A small chip had appeared on our granite worktop, instead of spending a hundred pounds on someone to come out and fix it. Very easy to use, clean the area affected, apply a small amount of the LCA, place the plastic strip over and smooth it over with the stick, shine the blue light for 4 to 5 minutes. Remove and feel to see if tacky, if so re-apply the blue light otherwise sand it down, apply the polish and use the blue sandpaper then wipe down with a cloth.."

Amazon UK Customer

"This is an excellent stone, marble and granite repair material. The company ships very fast! This material is a God send for anyone needing to repair marble, granite or other types of stone. I literally saved my granite countertop. The company offers excellent and fast shipping and very good followup communication with tips and advice. Hint! For best results, hold the hardening blue light directly against the plastic piece that is directly on top of the repair. If it is too far away from the repair, it will not Harden completely."

Ebay Customer

"This product is a ROCKSTAR ! My husband and I remodeled our master bath ourselves. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we ended up having several tiles with chips. I was devastated until I found these Surface Repair Kits. Thank you for the GREAT product."

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