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Spring Cleaning

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After a long winter and lots of time spent indoors it is time to start some spring cleaning.  

Spring home care is important for your home's health, but it can be overwhelming to take on all at once. There’s no need to do every task all at once—take your time and schedule each task on time.

Are  your ready for a Spring Refresh? 

Clean your windows : let more natural light come into your home through newly cleaned windows. To clean the exterior of your home's windows, you can use a mixture of dish soap, white vinegar, and water to get rid of dirt. 

Replace you AC filters : It's crucial to replace your home air filters approximately every 3 months.To get your home air conditioning unit ready for the warm months ahead, it’s a good idea to get it serviced. Call in the professionals for this task unless you have some experience with home A/C systems.

Inspect the exterior for damage (roof, gutters, and siding). Check for any signs of siding that has been blown off or damaged from winds or windows that might have shifted in their frames.

Spruce up outdoor spaces: Do some gardening and cleaning by removing any leaves and debris. You'll also want to trim back any bushes or trees so they can have a fresh start as you are going to spend more time in your yard or patio from now on.

Take care of any home repairs that were put off during the winter months.These include spring home improvement projects such as window repair for drafty windows, electric repairs or updates and touch up on your kitchen and bathroom surfaces. 

Organize and clean your  garage : spring is the perfect time to open your garage door, sweep out the dust and organize clutter throughout the space.

What about Surface repairs ? Spring is a great time to take care of home repair projects that you couldn’t complete during the winter.

Parts of the kitchen and bathroom surfaces need repairs too. Are your countertop edges flawless? Did you see any nicks, chips, deep scratches and holes ?

You can now restore any indoor and outdoor surfaces with our LCA® (Light Cure Acrylic®) Surface Repair Kits.

HIMG™ Surface Repair Kits are very easy to use, non-toxic and unlike epoxies and resins they are100% safe for food preparation areas.

We offer excellent high quality results. Restore your marble, corian, porcelain, quartz, travertine, tiles, formica, fiberglass, enameled and acrylic surfaces like a professional. Most important is that these kits will cost you less $$$.

You can spend less than $30 and make up to 10 repairs (if the repairs are the size of a dime)

Don't let any chips and gouges get you down

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Starting FRESH with the new season will make you HAPPY

Take time to enjoy the work you have done with a glass of wine.

Cheers to Spring!