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How to Select a Cabinet Color for Black Granite Countertops

black granite kitchen countertop and black color cabinets

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"Granite is a highly durable material and a popular choice for kitchen countertops that experience heavy traffic in the home".

Black granite countertops in particular — with their reflective surface and formal appearance — can add a sophisticated touch to a kitchen design. It can also be a more forgiving material choice for everyday nicks and spills.

Choosing the right cabinet color to go with your black granite kitchen countertops will make a big difference in terms of atmosphere. A deep color like navy blue or hunter green will compound the moody effect of dark countertops, while white or pale blue will set a brighter, more minimalist tone. The specific type of black granite you choose — from the textured and soft brilliance of leathered black granite to the colorful flecks found in black pearl granite — will help set the mood as well.

The old adage "black goes with everything" is just as true in your kitchen as it is in your wardrobe, says interior designer Mark Hermogeno. However, as you're considering which color to pair with your black countertops, be sure to factor in "the architectural style of the space, [as well as] whether you are looking for drama in a space [or want to keep] things visually clean."

Black granite countertops are versatile and can be found in traditional spaces  or farmhouse spaces, but also in modern kitchens.

In traditional spaces, black mixed with dark and rich stain cabinets with ornate details give a sense of luxury, if that's a look that you're trying to achieve. For a more current and minimalist approach, "black granite countertops mixed with flat-front, light-colored cabinets brings depth to modern kitchens and bathrooms."

The cabinet color that's best for your black granite countertop will depend on a combination of factors: the architectural style of your kitchen, the cabinet design, your personal taste, and the amount of natural light the room receives. 
Granite countertops is a part of the kitchen surface that needs repairs too. 
If your black granite countertop has any nicks, chips, deep scratches and holes, you don't need to panic. 

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