Accessories and Extras

Get everything you need to complete your surface defect repairs. Find all extra curing strips, polishing paste, sandpaper and more, with just a click. Be a home surface repair hero, do-it-yourself with surface repair kit accessories.

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All Surface Repair Products

Doing your own home repairs is a great way to save money and to take control of the process.

HIMG® offers an easy to use, non-toxic and non-epoxy solutions for your Surface Repair needs. Do you have a question about your repair?

Be sure to contact us!

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Bathtub and Shower Pan Repair Kits

Whether you need to retouch or repair any damages, we've got you covered. Our Bathtub Kits are designed to repair damages on: fiberglass, acrylics, cultured marble, quaryl, enameled steel, porcelain and composites. 

They are offered in 5 color matched options of Light Cure acrylic: Kohler White, Toto White, Villeroy & Boch Alpin & Star White and American Standard White. 

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use our Repairs kits. Now everyone can make professional repairs and fix chips, nicks or deep scratches that have occurred while restoring the beauty of your bathtub or shower.

Our non-toxic kits are easy to use and provide amazing results, at an affordable price.

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Contractor's Hub

Are you a repair contractor? Do you specialize in surface repair or would you like to? Do you work with multiple minor surface damages in granite, marble, tile, porcelain and more? Well this is the spot for you! Find all the professional grade repair materials and accessories you'll need here.  Have a question? Hit the Contact Us button or call us at 1-760-983-4936.

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Corian Repair kit

Do you have a nick, chip, small hole, gouge or deep scratch on your corian countertop? You don’t need to be a handy homeowner to tackle a corian repair.

Fix indoor and outdoor corian surfaces with our LCA® (Light Cure Acrylic®) Surface Repair Kits. HIMG™ Surface Repair Kits are very easy to use.  Use a DIY corian repair kit and never pay for expensive repairs. These repair kits work perfectly on corian islands and corian countertops.

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Countertop Repair Kits

Does your countertop have any chips, cracks, dents or deep scratches? You can  restore them to like-new with our LCA® (Light Cure Acrylic®) Surface Repair Kits. HIMG™ Surface Repair Kits are very easy to use.

These countertop repair kits work perfectly on: marble, granite, quartz, and porcelain countertops. Available in a variety of colors and shades to match with your countertop's unique look. 

Never pay for expensive countertop repairs again. Do-it-yourself and save time and  money $$$

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Granite Repair Kit

The beauty and durability of granite slabs and tiles, have made them a favorite surface material over the years.  On the rare occasion that you find a chip, nick or small defect in your granite countertop, rest assured you don’t need to replace the whole countertop. You can repair granite countertops easily and effectively with our LCA® (Light Cure Acrylic®) Surface Repair Kits.

HIMG™ Surface Repair Kits are very easy to use, are non- toxic, non -epoxy and very safe for food prep areas. Use a DIY granite repair kit. These granite repair kits would work perfectly on granite sinks, granite countertops and more.

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Marble Repair Kit

A good looking countertop makes cooking more pleasurable and it enhances the value of the kitchen and home. Occasionally nicks, chips, cracks, and small holes may occur in marble as well as other natural stone surfaces. You can fix indoor and outdoor marble surfaces with our LCA® (Light Cure Acrylic®) Surface Repair Kits.  HIMG™ Surface Repair Kits are very easy to use.  Never pay for expensive marble repairs again. Use a DIY marble repair kit and be a marble surface repair hero.

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Porcelain Repair Kits

Do you have a porcelain nick, chip, small hole, gouge or a deep scratch in your porcelain countertop or surface? Our DIY LCA® (Light Cure Acrylic®) Surface Repair  Kits can be used by anyone to restore damaged porcelain surfaces in minutes.  These repair kits work perfectly on porcelain tiles, porcelain tables, porcelain wash basins, porcelain sinks, porcelain countertops and more. Touch-up and restore you various porcelain surfaces. Save your time and money.

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Quartz Repair Kit

Quartz countertops are highly valued by homeowners and remains an excellent choice for kitchen countertops. When nicks, chips, small holes and gouges occur on your quartz home surfaces you can repair them  easily and effectively with our LCA® (Light Cure Acrylic®) Surface Repair Kits. HIMG™ Surface Repair Kits are very easy to use, non- toxic, non -epoxy and very safe for food prep areas. HIMG® DIY quartz repair kit works perfectly on all quartz surfaces.

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Surface Cleaners

Clean-protect & make your countertop sparkle again. 

Our eco friendly daily cleaners are suitable for marble, granite, ceramic and porcelain surfaces. They are made of water and plant based material, 100%  safe for you and the planet. 

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Surface Repair Kits

Fix nicks, chips, small holes, gouges and deep scratches, in a variety of indoor and outdoor granite and marble surfaces with our LCA® (Light Cure Acrylic®) Surface Repair Kits.

HIMG™ Surface Repair Kits are very easy to use. Try the best and see for yourself. Never pay for expensive repairs again. Don't replace, repair it.

Kits work perfectly on: sinks, bathtubs, toilets, kitchen islands, kitchen countertops and more and for a variety of surface materials.

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Surface Repair Professional-Kit

Surface Repair for Professional Level use! Our Pro-Kits include everything needed to fix nicks, chips and scratches in a variety of surfaces in apartments, hotels, dormitories, restaurants and more by your professional team.

Try the best and see for yourself. HIMG® Surface Repair Kit materials are non-toxic, non-epoxy and 100% safe for food prep areas. Contact Us for any queries you may have!

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