Our Distributors

  • HBBIMG was established in Brazil in 2003 with the objective to develop CeramiCure® for South American Sanitary Ceramics markets. HBBIMG now serves as the global CeramiCure® Product Development Center.
  • Karopak is our exclusive CeramiCure® Distributor in Istanbul, Turkey, since 2013.
  • Sintesi is our CeramiCure® Distributor in Rome, Italy since 2008

  • Mr. Aquiles Almirudis Hernandez is our CeramiCure® Representative in Monterrey, Mexico - Serving and insuring complete customer satisfactions for our clients in Mexico since 2018.

  • Mr. Gaurav Mehra is our CeramiCure®  Representative in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India - Serving and insuring complete customer satisfaction for our client in India and Asia since 2015