Light Cure Acrylic ™ Clear Surface Repair Kit

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LCA™ Clear is a light cure acrylic that cures clear in minutes. (3-10 minutes depending on size of defect) An effective repair material for nicks, gouges, chips, scratches in granite, marble, porcelain, corian, travertine and other natural stone and acrylic surfaces.
This kit includes:

• 1 gram syringes of Light Cure Acrylic ™ in Clear
• 1 syringe of polish paste
• a LED curing light
• a LED Light Stand
• wood applicator tool
• non-scratch sandpaper
• high gloss sandpaper
• a curing strip
• 3 micro tips
• a polish cloth 
• repair instructions
LCA™ is non-toxic and completely safe for food prep areas.
Images Shown: LCA™ Clear Repair Kit & NEW LED Light Stand *Now included in all Surface Repair Kits!*

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