Countertop cracks? Share your repairs with us!

Countertop cracks should be addressed before water and bacteria, get the chance to settle in potentially causing the damage to grow bigger.

Cracks that are wide enough to grab a fingernail can be repaired with our Light Cure Acrylic System. The key to repair a crack is to repair it in 1inch section, this will ensure the section is properly exposed and cured. After assembling the LCA syringe, apply the LCA to the crack, limit overfill, doing so will preserve repair material and will limit or eliminate the need for sanding and polishing.

Cure the LCA in 1 inch sections.

Once completely cured, sand and polish as necessary. On softer surfaces like quartz avoid the 220 grit yellow sandpaper.

Use the grey polish paper with water instead. As a final step apply a small amount of polish paste to remove dust and promote shine. For damages larger than 4 inches we highly recommend our LED flashlight. With over 20 times the output it makes the curing process a breeze.