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How to patch a porcelain sink crack

Porcelain sink showing crack for patching

If you see that crack on your porcelain sink, you may wonder shall I repair it or replace it?

If you want to get professional results in minutes, HIMG® Surface Repair Kits are all you need.

These kits are non-toxic, non-epoxy, odorless, safe for you and your family, and the repair can be completed within a few minutes not hours!

Most importantly, you save time and money as you don’t need to hire a professional or replace your porcelain sink.

Your porcelain repair kit comes with repair materials, application tools, a curing light, and finishing materials. 

Our LCA™ White Tones kit cures, seals and hardens in minutes. (5-10 minutes depending on the size of the defect).

Simply follow the step by step instructions and watch the video at the end and you will have the best repair.

LCA white color kit comes with three different white tones (Oyster, White and Grey) that you can mix until you have the perfect white tone for your porcelain surface.

porcelain sink with chip

Before you start, make sure you clean the surface area. If any dirt, or residue is on top of or around the sink, make sure you clean it before applying the LCA material.


step by step porcelain sink repair instructions

step 1: Prepare the surface 

step 2: Apply Light Cure Acrylic

step 3: Add curing strip

step 4: Cure with LED light

step 5: Sand: Remember to pay close attention to the areas where you are rubbing the sandpaper, as you don’t want to scratch the area around the crack.

step 6: Polish

Sink cracks and chips can usually be repaired easily. If, however, your sink is leaking because it has structural cracks, it is time for a replacement.

How to Prevent Your Sink From Cracking and Chipping

Although the process of fixing a cracked porcelain sink is relatively straightforward, it’s not a project you want to do more than once.

How can you prevent cracks and chips?

Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations. If you’ve been running hot water in your sink, abruptly switching to cold will shock the surface area and could cause a stress crack.

If your drain is clogged, use a drain cleaner product. Don’t pour boiling water down the drain as the spill-over could cause unnecessary stress on the porcelain and lead to cracks.

Keep the soap dispenser, hairdryer, and any other heavy objects a safe distance away from your sink.

If you are remodeling or moving heavy items, put a protective barrier such as thick cloth around your sink to protect it from bumps and scratches.

This DIY porcelain repair kit will leave you feeling like a home improvement specialist and save you money in the process. 

 Happy Repairing DIY'ers