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OUR DIY KIts vs Copycat Kits

infographic light cure acrylics vs epoxy and copycat kits

The superiority of our Light Cure Acrylic repair material vs copycat & epoxy kits can be easily outlined below

Light Cure Acrylics are easy to use. Do-it-yourself and save $$$.

  • Epoxy products require precise mixing of two or more components, contain toxic chemicals, give off toxic fumes, cure too fast - or too slow to use easily, and repairs yellow over time.

Light Cure Acrylic is non-toxic and 100% safe for food prep areas.

  • Epoxy products are harmful to you, your family and the environment. Their toxic chemicals can cause skin irritation, burns and respiratory illnesses.

Fast repair time. HIMG® repair kits include all you need to complete most repairs in about 10 minutes.

  • Epoxy resins can take 24 hours to cure after you have completed application before they can be used, our materials are set in just minutes.

HIMG® offers FREE and FAST shipment for all our repair products to customers in the United States.

  • Copy cat products are imported from various countries, shipping delays are common.

HIMG® offers a variety of shades and colors to achieve the perfect color match. Colors will not yellow over time.

  • Copy cat kits have limited colors, mixing techniques are complex and it's  difficult to get the desired color match.  Copy cats use materials that yellow over time.

HIMG® Light Cure Acrylic repair kits work for both indoor and outdoor repairs. The repair material withstands moisture, cleansers and heat up to 285ºF. You can make effective repairs on granite, marble, tile, quartz, corian, travertine, porcelain, fiberglass, acrylics and more. 

  • Epoxy is less versatile, should not be exposed long term to sunlight, and cannot be used on all the same surfaces.

You can save time and $$$ with HIMG® repair kits. Each kit will repair 10 small damaged areas. Millions of repairs have been made with our Light Cure Acrylic technology.

  • Copycat kits aren't as easy to use, offer inconsistent results, and don't have the history of success that HIMG® Surface Repair offers.

Our in house, US based tech support stands behind our products. We will help you select the right repair kit for the job and will offer recommendations on how to achieve the best repair result. We encourage you to send us a photo of your damage for review.

  • Copy Cats often have limited or foreign, third party customer service, who lack expertise, don't communicate clearly, or value their customers.

HIMG® surface repair has implemented proven technology and developed an easy, cost effective DIY Repair Kit for the DIY user.

All those small annoying chips, nicks, or dings in your surfaces can now be repaired in minutes on your own without the cost and hassle of hiring a professional.

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