Sandpaper isis used to remove material from surfaces. It is an inexpensive tool and can come in handy for when you need to complete the repair process using Light cure acrylic surface repair kits.

Even though they all may all appear to be the same, there are different sandpaper grit grades and materials you can find available.

What is Sandpaper Grits : Grit describes the sandpaper's abrasiveness and whether it is fine or coarse. The Grit is what makes it abrasive. A larger grit number indicates finer sandpaper, which is ideal for producing a smooth surface. Sandpaper with a lower grit number is coarser and rougher, so if you merely need to swiftly scrape dirt, and other things off of a flat surface, a scrubbing pad with a coarse grit is your best bet. 

In most household sanding tasks can the grit could be in the 60–200 range. 

High gloss wet sand paper sheets can be used during our repair with one of our Surface Repair Kits, ideal for chips & dings in granite, tile, corian, marble, quartz, travertine, enameled and acrylics. 

Be extremely careful when sanding softer surfaces like cultured marble or acrylics.

Hazing or scratching may occur if you are too aggressive.