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Not At Home Depot®: DIY Porcelain Repair Kits

The Home Depot

Finding a scratch on your porcelain bathtubs happens all too often.

We have many customers sending us photos with cracks, chips, scratches and gouges on their porcelain surfaces and asking for the best ways to fix them.

Most of the people seem to do their first research in Home Depot's online store  before purchasing a DIY, porcelain surface repair kit. 

There are a few companies that seem to offer some DIY Surface Repair Kits for bathtub porcelain repairs, but to my surprise Home Depot® does not offer a non-epoxy DIY Kit. 

Do-It-Yourself Porcelain Repair Kits: 

BATHWORKS do it yourself chip repair kit with paint is formulated for all bathtubs, tub/shower units, shower basins and tiles, but it requires a finish-off with topcoat paint, which makes the whole procedure somewhat time consuming.

CRAMER Bath and Kitchen Repair Kit features catalyzed filler that leaves a near invisible repair. But again the process is not easy as you need to mix the filler and hardener, apply sand and then apply top coat, and you also need to re-finish the damaged area. For lighter chips and scratches, you need to consider another product, (Cramer Touch Up Stick).

CALFLOR-TileFix Mix2Match Repair Kit
The TileFix Mix2Match Repair Kit was developed as an easy repair solution for Tile and Stone. This kit allows you to repair many different types of damage on flooring, backsplashes and countertops.

The TileFix Kit contains eight different pigments to allow for endless color combinations, all assisted by the included 28 color formulas and instructions customized for tile and stone, but the application process is time consuming by mixing, stirring, measuring the material etc, we believe it is mostly a product for professionals rather than DIYers.

Another limitation is that TileFix Repair Kit is not intended for use in high water areas such as showers floors, water-line or below on tubs, spas or pools, or outdoor.

Rust-Oleum on the other hand is an epoxy acrylic formula, and requires 1 hour to dry. 

Most epoxy-resin products found in the market are full of chemicals and hazardous material. They are highly toxic and meant to be used in industrial applications with heavy duty respirators, protective eyewear and hazmat clothing. They can't be shipped by air for safety reasons, and in most cases are flammable.

If you inhale epoxy you may come up with serious respiratory issues, skin allergies, irritations, asthma and more.

HIMG® Surface Repair offers non-toxic DIY solutions for fixing any defects on your kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Repair your defects in minutes, not hours. 

All our LIGHT CURE SURFACE REPAIR KITS are "Better Than Epoxy"

Light Cure Acrylic Surface Repair kits are ​based ​in ​n​ano-acrylics​,​ non​-​toxic and waterproof formula.

Unlike epoxies, LCA materials are designed to be long lasting, color stable when exposed to household solvents, and temperature stable up to 2800F.  ​

Where ​epoxies off-gas toxic fumes when curing, the HIMG® LCA kits utilize ​LED light to catalyze curing with no fumes, and the material sets slowly ​enough to ensure adequate ​working​ time​ prior to curing to allow for custom color blending.

HIMG Porcelain Repair Kits are

• Odorless
• Non-toxic (no harsh chemicals)
• Repairs completed in Minutes
• Finished repairs won't fade or change colors over time
• Variety of colors available
• Advanced formula is cured with blue light


Although these kits are not sold in HomeDepot® stores yet, you can find them online here or on Amazon.




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