Best Porcelain Repair Kit

Have A Nick In Your Porcelain Sink? There's a Kit For That!

Our Light Cure Acrylic (LCA™) Surface Repair Porcelain Kits works wonders on nicks and other surface defects on surface materials. We produce a porcelain repair kit that would work wonders on porcelain defects.

Our LCA™ White Tones kit cures (seals and hardens) white in minutes. (5-10 minutes depending on size of defect). The kit comes with three different white tones (Oyster, White and Grey) that you can mix until you have the perfect white tone for your porcelain surface.  

Don't let sub contractors fool you into believing you have to get your entire sink resurfaced. This DIY porcelain repair kit will leave you feeling like a home improvement specialist and save you money in the process. 

Happy repairing!

*Our kits work best on defects no larger than a quarter.