Why did my porcelain sink crack?

There are several reasons why your porcelain sink may have cracked.

We would like to share with our DIY customers that if you have a crack in your porcelain sink or toilet, you should also consider HIMG® Surface Repair Kits for effective repair or touch-ups on various porcelain surfaces.

HIMG® is the green, time, and cost effective solution for homeowners, property managers, and landlords with damage to hard surfaces, including porcelain and also granite, marble, cultured marble, enamel, and other ceramics. 

Now, instead of the delay, waste, and the costs of replacing an entire slab, sink, toilet, tile, or countertop, our DIY surface repair kits can be used by anyone to restore damaged porcelain surfaces in minutes.  

HIMG® offers a variety of color options in its kits, and custom colors can be blended upon request. Our products are made with nano-acrylic technology originally developed for medical fields so they are nontoxic and waterproof. 

Unlike epoxies, HIMG® materials are meant to be long lasting, they are color stable when exposed to household solvents, and temperature stable up to 2800F.   Epoxies offgas toxic fumes when they are curing, HIMG’s LCA kit uses visible light to catalyze curing, with no fumes, and -until the light source (provided with the kit) is applied- the material sets so slowly you have all the working time you need.

Your porcelain repair kit comes with repair materials, application tools, a curing light, and finishing materials. 

So don't despair over a replacement, simply repair and relax!