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Why hire a PRO when you can simply DO IT YOURSELF?

When you do it yourself you feel empowered.

How do I start a DIY Surface Repair?

This is a difficult question and sometimes homeowners feel stressed about starting a DIY project. But what if you save both money and time by doing it yourself? Good and professional surface repairs don't need to cost $$$.

We offer the simplest and most effective way to repair or touch-up any surface defect on various indoor and outdoor home surfaces.

While it’s best to leave some projects to professionals, such as installing new windows or changing the location of your home’s plumbing, plenty of tasks are easy enough to DIY. These could be fixing a nick, crack and hole on your kitchen and bathroom. 

Our HIMG® LCA™ Surface Repair Kits can repair nicks, chips, deep scratches and small holes in granite, cultured marble, acrylic, quartz, cast iron, corian, enamel, porcelain, acrylics and other natural stone surfaces.

Our SCA™ Surface Repair Kits work to mend broken pieces that are made of the same natural stone and acrylic materials.

HIMG® Surface Repair Kits can be used to make repairs on counter tops, tables, wall and floor tiles, sinks, bathtubs, spas, toilets, vanities and more.

Some of the most common questions when it comes to our kits are:

- How can this be done ? 

- What areas can be repaired? 

- What is this Light Cure Acrylic material?

All these questions can be simply answered. We at HIMG® Surface Repair, offer you the most effective Surface Repair kit that costs less that $40.

If you have a crack, a chip, or even a hole in your bathtub, shower pan, or bathroom tile, you don’t need to perform a full bathroom remodel in order to fix it. You can fix many cracks, chips, and holes in marble, porcelain, fiberglass, and acrylic showers and tubs yourself, using our DIY kit, and save hundreds or thousands of dollars in remodeling costs. 

On the rare occasion that you find a chip, nick or small defect in your kitchen countertop, be assured that you don’t need to replace the whole countertop. Instead, you can repair kitchen countertops easily and effectively.

The cost range of replacing your granite countertop from Home Depot® is: $40 to $100 per sq. ft.

The cost range of replacing your acrylic bathtub can vary from $500-$1500 while you can simple repair it with the LCA™ (Light Cure Acrylic) DIY Kits spending less than $50.

Now let's answer all your questions.

How can this be done? Our DIY HIMG® Surface Repair kits utilize high-tech LCA™ (Light Cure Acrylic) technology, to cure with a specific spectrum of blue light. Once cured, it can withstand moisture, cleansers and heat up to a maximum of 285ºF. It is non-toxic and a safe alternative to epoxy. Our DIY kits have all the components to make quality repairs in a matter of minutes. We also offer step by step instructions and plenty of videos in our YouTube page that will help you achieve the best results in your repairs!

What areas can be repaired? Kits would perfectly work on: sinks, bathtubs, toilets, kitchen islands, kitchen countertops and more.

What is this Light Cure Acrylic material?
HIMG® Surface Repair kits are ​based ​in ​n​ano-acrylics​,​ are non​-​toxic and waterproof.  Unlike epoxies, LCA™ (Light Cure Acrylic) materials are designed to be long lasting, color stable when exposed to household solvents, and temperature stable up to 2800F.  ​Where ​epoxies off-gas toxic fumes when curing, the LCA kits utilize ​LED light to catalyze curing with no fumes, and the material sets slowly ​enough to ensure adequate ​working​ time​ prior to curing to allow for custom color blending.

HIMG® offers a variety of color options, ranging from clear to black, greys, whites and browns. Our DIY LCA™ (Light Cure Acrylic) Kits come with all repair materials, application tools, curing light, and finishing materials needed to make approximately 10 small repairs. 

The next time you spot a chip on your countertop, sink, or tile, don’t replace it - repair it with HIMG LCA™ (Light Cure Acrylic) DIY kit.

You can do it yourself! Get started on your surface repairs today!

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