Silestone Repair - Washington Post Recommendation:

My Silestone counter is cracked. What are my options?

"HIMG sells a light-cured, clear acrylic that gets good overall reviews on Amazon. By checking the manufacturer’s website,, you can see that the company offers both the clear product ($28.49) and one with white tones for custom color-matching ($32.95). The company says these work well for repairing “chips, nicks and deep scratches,” but only by looking at the question-and-answer section of the website may you realize that crack repair is not on that list. There is even a warning that it won’t work on hairline cracks. And for deep scratches wider than a hairline, the company recommends avoiding the light-cure products and going with a self-cure acrylic with components that you would mix right before use. HIMG’s clear SCA adhesive ($19.50) is in that category"....

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