What surfaces can HIMG® Surface Repair kits be used on?

Our HIMG® Surface Repair Kits can repair both edge and surface chips, nicks, deep or wide scratches, gouges, cracks, small craters, pits and small holes. We recommend using our Light Cure Acrylic™ Kits on repairs with damages that are no larger than a nickel on the surface area. We recommend using our Self Cure Acrylic™  to mend broken pieces that are made of the same natural stone and acrylic materials.

You may be aware that our Kits work on granite, marble, acrylic, quartz, corian, porcelain, tile, and other natural stone and acrylic surfaces. Well below we have an even more extensive list detailing those other natural stone, and acrylic surfaces. 




Enameled Surfaces



Laminate Surfaces


Ceramic Surfaces


Keep in mind that even if you don't see your surface type listed, as long as it is natural stone or a acrylic composite, our Kits will usually work with that material. The standard damages we see are usually in countertops, sinks and tables, but minor damages in vanities, tubs, toilets, floor and wall tile, sample slabs and more are ideal for our LCA™ Kits also. 

If you don't see your surface type listed and you want to confirm that our Kits can be used for your repair, comment on this posts  or contact us and we'll confirm if your surface is covered!