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Jacuzzi Crack? Repair it with the NEW Bath Repair Kits

Don't Repair Your Jacuzzi, Just Repair It.

Finding a scratch or crack on your jacuzzi surface or hot tub is a lot like finding a scratch on your new car—it’s disheartening.

Since summer is approaching and likely when you use your spa more often, NOW is the right time to repair any chips, cracks or gouges on your acrylic jacuzzi.


HIMG® Bathtub Repair Kits could perfectly work on your acrylic spa material.

Acrylic is by far the best material for spa construction and withstands many harsh conditions but it is not perfect.

Sometimes the “cracks” can be a result of a repeated expansion and contraction from larger swings in the temperature from day light to night. This occurs when a cover is not used when the spa is not in use. 

Repairing a scratch or crack in your spa’s shell is typically a quick and relatively simple task with our DIY Bath Repair Kits.

Our Light Cure Acrylic Kits can withstand moisture, are non-toxic, non epoxy, very easy to use and provide amazing results, at an affordable price.

They are offered in 5 color matched options of Light Cure acrylic material:

Kohler White, Toto White, Villeroy & Boch Alpin & Star White and American Standard White.

So don't replace your jacuzzi, repair it instead.

Once your jacuzzi tub surface is repaired, you’re done and can spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing in your freshly repaired spa.

* Please note: Larger cracks can be a bit more problematic than small cracks. If you are aren’t sure you may want to call in a professional to have a look before you continue. We always recommend you sent us an image of your damage and we will recommend the best solution. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, call a professional company or ask us for a referral.

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