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Light Cure Acrylic vs Epoxy Solutions

Non-toxic/non-epoxy surface repair with Light Cure Acrylic

Typical surface repair materials are usually epoxy based solutions.

While efficient, epoxies are known to be toxic and can cause harmful effects on its users.

That’s because those toxic chemicals and toxins can cause skin irritation, burns, respiratory illnesses, and more.

At HIMG®, we believe that people should be able to make small surface repairs themselves, without any toxic side effects getting in the way.

So, unlike your typical surface repair or filler epoxy, our LCA™ (Light Cure Acrylic) Surface Repair material is non-toxic.

Our repair material is made of high-tech, nano acrylic and it is completely safe for food prep areas.

Our kits work on granite, marble, porcelain, tile, corian, travertine, quartz and more.

They can be used to fix scratches, dings, edge chips, gouges and more.

Not only that, the LCA™ repair solution withstands moisture, cleansers, and heat up to 285°F.

That means our kits can be used to repair damage on the tile floor your baby crawls across, or on the marble counter-top you and your children prep meals on, in the pool or spa your family relaxes in during the summer, or in the sink where your cat nestles.

Whatever the surface type, where ever the damage, if you use HIMG® Surface Repair the harsh chemicals associated with epoxies repair systems will be the least of you worries.

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