Looking for some diy surface repairs?

How to Repair Granite Countertops

On the rare occasion that you find a chip, nick or small defect in your granite countertop, rest assured you don’t need to replace the whole countertop. Instead, you can...

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Porcelain sink or tub crack repair

Why did my porcelain sink crack?

There are several reasons why your porcelain sink may have cracked.If you have a crack in your porcelain sink or toilet, don't despair, you can repair. HIMG® Surface Repair Kits...

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Fix Chipped Granite with HIMG Surface Repair Kits

How to fix chipped granite

What happens if you find a chip, nick or small defect in your granite countertop? Instead of the waste and costs of replacing an granite surface for a small chip, try...

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Granite countertop repair with Light Cure acrylic materiall, the most effective alternative to epoxy

Granite Countertop Repair

Granite countertop repair tips and tricks based on the use of our LCA™ Clear Repair Kit. If you've ordered a color kit, they'll still come in handy for you. Learn...

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