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Make your countertop sparkle!

Granite and Marble Surface Cleaner

For sparkling clean countertops, wouldn’t it be great if the cleaning products we use are safe for both us and for the planet? All HIMG® products are safe for the...

Repair your shower with HIMG Surface Repair Bathtub and Shower kits

How to repair your shower

The rule of thumb is that if the hole is smaller than a quarter, you should be able to make the repairs yourself. There are several DIY epoxy products on the...

Porcelain sink showing crack for patching

How to patch a porcelain sink crack

Your porcelain repair kit comes with repair materials, application tools, a curing light, and finishing materials.  Our LA™ White Tones kit cures ,seals and hardens in minutes. (5-10 minutes depending on...

a beautiful porcelain sink

Best Porcelain Repair Kit

Our Light Cure Acrylic (LCA™) Surface Repair Porcelain Kits works wonders on nicks and other surface defects on surface materials. We produce a porcelain kit that would work wonders on porcelain...

Porcelain sink or tub crack repair

Why did my porcelain sink crack?

There are several reasons why your porcelain sink may have cracked.If you have a crack in your porcelain sink or toilet, don't despair, you can repair. HIMG® Surface Repair Kits...

Fix Chipped Granite with HIMG Surface Repair Kits

How to fix chipped granite

What happens if you find a chip, nick or small defect in your granite countertop? Instead of the waste and costs of replacing an granite surface for a small chip, try...

Granite countertop repair with Light Cure acrylic materiall, the most effective alternative to epoxy

Granite Countertop Repair

Granite countertop repair tips and tricks based on the use of our LCA™ Clear Repair Kit. If you've ordered a color kit, they'll still come in handy for you. Learn...

Surface Repair Kits for granite, marble, acrylic, quartz, corian, porcelain, tile, and other natural stone and acrylic surfaces

What surfaces can HIMG® Surface Repair kits be used on?

You may be aware that our Kits work on granite, marble, acrylic, quartz, corian, porcelain, tile, and other natural stone and acrylic surfaces. Other surfaces include: Silestone Travertine Limestone Enameled Surfaces Fiberglass Soapstone...